Leadership Excellence

Leadership Excellence is an interactive leadership program designed around your strengths that
helps you successfully meet your professional goals.
Leadership Excellence improves your ability to manage change, create synergistic teams,
and uncover positive solutions.

The Leadership Excellence 2014 - 2015 enrollment
is now open.  If you would like to be a part of the next
Leadership Excellence program, please contact 
Kim Smerda or Heather Martell at 715-848-5953
or ksmerda@wausauchamber.com.

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Be part of the next Leadership Excellence program.  (Video)

"Absolutely the best leadership training I have ever attended. I thought that I knew how to be a leader until I went thru this training. It has challenged me to take a very hard look at myself and how I was perceived as a leader. I would leave this class at the end of the day mentally exhausted from it but at the same time not wanting it to end. It was exciting to go back to work, use what I had learned in class and see the effect it had on people around me. There are so many great ideas and discussions that go on during the course that it is worth your time and investment. I highly recommend it to anybody that wants to be a better leader and wants to excel in their career and life. It was life changing and has made me a better leader and a better person."

- Cory Heckendorf, Branch Manager -
Wisconsin Kenworth, Wausau